Laboratoriet (now Seachange Lab) was founded in 2005 in Aarhus, Denmark, by director and dramaturg Barbara Simonsen. At first, Laboratoriet was based at the open venue Entré Scenen and from 2011 at the dance venue Bora Bora. In 2013, Laboratoriet became an independent organisation and in 2016 changed its name to Seachange Lab.

From the start, Laboratoriet was a place for practical artistic research and and for experiments. Results and reflections from the experiments 2005-2015 can be found in these archives. Under 'Experiments' you can find all the experiments in chronological order, and under 'Archive' you can see a list of all the documentation sorted into categories: Videos, reports etc. Documentation from the more recent experiments can be found at

Laboratoriet/Seachange Lab has also created Rehearsal Matters, an interview collection with 40 European and North American artists, on performing arts methods and  the rehearsal process.  
In 2017, 18 of the interviews were published in the book The Art of Rehearsal - Conversations with Contemporary Theatre Makers by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.