International call for experiment proposals

RAPP 2014 – Research in Artistic Practice Programme

RAPP is LABORATORIETs new experiment programme open to all performing arts professionals. The purpose of RAPP is to produce new knowledge, skills and artistic development through practical experiments. To encourage leaps into the unknown, impossible endeavours and searches for new horizons.


Experiment period: 18-28 March, 2014 (each experiment will last 5-10 days within these dates).

Place: Godsbanen, Aarhus

Application deadline: 4 Dec, 2013


3 proposals will be selected for RAPP, and the artists are invited to conduct the experiments in Aarhus, Denmark, in March 2014.

LABORATORIET provides space, technical facilities and staff, accommodation and a modest salary for the participating artists.

At the end of the experiment period, the results of the work will be presented at the RAPP conference to artists, researchers, students and theatre professionals. There will be no formal showings; the presentations focus on process, methods and new knowledge that are the results of the experiment. 


What is an experiment?

At LABORATORIET, an experiment is a combined sequence of questions, practice, and reflection. One or more carefully defined questions set the frame of the experiment. Practical try-outs bring possible answers to the questions, and reflection and adjusting of the investigation take you to the next step. Within this frame, an experiment can be about developing tools and ideas for a concrete performance, or it can be pure research into process and methods without a specific work in mind. 

Each experiment is provided with a facilitator from LABORATORIET who will assist in defining and sharpening the purpose and the methods of the experiment and who will be following the experiment throughout the process as facilitator and/or observer. The artists and the facilitator will work out a detailed plan of the process, and a relevant form of documentation will be decided on.


Experiment facilitators:

Barbara Simonsen, artistic director of LABORATORIET, DK

Isabelle Reynaud, project manager at LABORATORIET, DK

Myriam Mazzoni, managing director of Dansbyrån, SE


How to apply

Please email a description of your experiment proposal to

You don’t need to make it very formal or use fancy layout and photos. What we need is this information:

What is the experiment exactly? What is the purpose? The key questions? What do you want to find out, discover or develop? What do you need in order to conduct the experiment – time, participants, special equipment? What actions and methods will you be using? An outline of a daily schedule may be helpful.


Check list:

Experiment proposal, max 2p.

Short CVs of participants.

Links to websites or videos are welcome, but not required.


About us

Since 2005, LABORATORIET has been conducting experiments in the field of theatre, dance, performance and crossover genres, a great many of them proposed and led by artists from different countries. RAPP 2014 is the first round of our international experiment programme for performing arts professionals.

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RAPP is supported by The Danish Arts Council (Scenekunstudvalget), Åbne Scene at Godsbanen, and Tuborgfondet. 

LABORATORIET is supported by The Danish Arts Council (Scenekunstudvalget), and the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen).

RAPP 2014 – Research in Artistic Practice Programme