Welcome to Seachange Lab's archive!

Here you can find videos, photos and written material from our performing arts experiments.

Since 2005, Seachange Lab (formerly Laboratoriet) has been an independent and international centre for practical artistic research in performing arts, based in Aarhus, Denmark. On this site, artists share the knowledge, reflections and discoveries that come out of the experiments.

RAPP - Research in Artistic Practice Programme - is our international experiment programme open to all performing arts professionals. Find out more about RAPP here.

Research projects

The Art of Rehearsal - Conversations with Contemporary Theatre Makers, published at Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, is a collection of interviews from our research project Rehearsal Matters. All the interviews and accompanying videos can be found at www.rehearsalmatters.org (partly in Danish).

Performing Arts Relay is a laboratory/artistic research collaboration between Seachange Lab, Davvi - Senter for Scenekunst (N), Nightswimming (CA) and School of Creative and Performing Arts at University of Calgary (CA).

Theatre and cross-over productions

At Seachange Lab, we conduct and facilitate artistic research, while Teater Seachange creates and produces theatre, performance, sound walks, installations and more. Visit teaterseachange.dk