The RAPP 2014 experiments

Meet this year's artists and their experiments.

43 experiment proposals by artists from more than 13 different countries were submitted for RAPP 2014, Laboratoriet's newly launched Research in Artistic Practice Programme. This year's 3 selected experiments are conducted at Godsbanen in Aarhus, March 21-27, ending with a presentation at the RAPP 2014 Conference, March 28. 


The 3 selected experiments for RAPP 2014:

Lifero Bestiariophoto: Lifero Bestiario

"CIMATICA - A Study of the Relation between Sound and Matter" by Lifero Bestiario (ITA)

An investigation into the relationship between sound and movement, in which Ernst Chladni's sound plate experiments are transferred to live performers. What are the physical and emotional dynamics between human movement and sound?

 Ali Abbasiphoto: Shahab Mirsadri

"The Act and Art of Kindness" by Marie Hauge (DK)

A random telephone call from an artist leads to a conversation about loneliness. Then to a meeting. Maybe to a performance by one performer for one spectator. But what is the difference between personal and artistic contact? An experiment that challenges the borders of subjectivity between artist and audience. As part of the experiment, director Mette Carla Albrechtsen produces a documentary on the process.

 Arjuna Barsettiphoto: Arjuna Borsetti

"The Whistle" by Darragh McLoughlin (IRL)

Watch carefully. A ball drops, someone disappears, everything can change in the blink of an eye. In this experiment, a juggler/performer plays with an interactive storytelling technique, where the audience closes and opens their eyes at the sound of the whistle. But who creates the story? The one with the whistle, or the one who blinks... ?