Visits to the Archive no. 4: Zooming in.


Over the years we have experimented not only with performing arts, but also with the way that we document our research. We have moved from simply reporting the process to focusing more on 'results and reflections', and from written reports to a more extensive use of videos and interviews.

In 2013, the experiment 'ZOOM!' created a new documentation format especially to fit their discoveries: a webpage collage that takes you for a tour of the experiment and enables you to - yes - zoom in on every detail.

Beautiful actress Bodil Lassen is photographed by Erik Zappon, drawn by Lars Kramhøft, staged by Isabelle Reynaud and lighted by Peer Mariboe and Jeppe Nissen. See:

To celebrate Laboratoriet's anniversary, artistic director Barbara Simonsen is making this series of Visits to the Archive, rediscovering 10 years of performing arts experiments and artistic research at Laboratoriet.