Mothers and Daughters Memories

A Danish-Israeli performing arts experiment exploring whether documentary theatre is more 'trustworthy' because it is based on memories, and whether the claim "memories are objectively true" is reliable. 

The experiment tested the credibility and the "validity of truth" of memories in different experimental setups where mothers and daughters separately recall joint significant episodes. Afterwards the joint memories were studied in order to identify their credibility regarding time, place, gallery of characters and emotions.

By and with: GITTE KIELBERG, a Danish actress, and her mother MARGOT KIELBERG; AYELET ROBINSON, an Israeli actress, and her mother ESTER ROBINSON; ORIT NAHMIAS, an Israeli actress and her mother GALIA NAHMIAS; DANA RUTTENBERG, an Israeli choreographer, and the memory of her mother who passed away in 2001; ISABELLE REYNAUD, German/French/Danish stage director and experiment facilitator; GITTE SKYTTE, Danish dramaturg, and STEFFEN JOST PEDERSEN Danish - video documentation.

May 2012