Mothers and Daughters Memories

An experiment suggested by Israeli actress Orit Nahmias and developed by Orit Nahmias and Isabelle Reynaud from Laboratoriet. 

The Mothers and Daughters Memories Experiment is an investigation of some of the components of documentary theatre. An investigation of memories, stories and truth. It is also research for an Danish-Israeli performance project about mothers and daughters.

3 Israeli actresses with their mothers (2 of them alive, 1 in memory), and 1 Danish actress with her mother meet at Laboratoriet to dive into their shared stories and memories. But is there an objective truth when we talk of memories? What makes a memory - or a story - sound true?

Why is it that theatre audiences are fascinated by documentary theatre? Why do they want to see people on stage who are not actors, who are telling their own stories? Real people, or what Rimini Protokoll call 'experts'. How is the audience experience different - better? - at documentary theatre than fictional theatre? Why does it seem more credible when memories are so elusive?