A world of birds set out. Crossing the seven valleys, the birds encounter the universe as they’ve never known it before: planets and particles, moments and days, themselves and their surroundings flex and mould into each other – and everything they thought they knew slips through their feathers …

‘Birds’ is an experiment with collective participatory audience experiences.
We aim to investigate how to place the participants at the centre of an experience - inviting them to touch, explore, rearrange, build their own world and uncover their own sense of meaning, whilst moving collectively into a poetic and deeply felt experience.

We wonder if such an experience can be shared in a large group. Can we create the circumstances so that everybody is part of the poetic space without having been given a certain role or responsibility? Or will some naturally take the position as an outside observer? 

Through a weave of rejuvenated myths, tactile objects, space, light & darkness, sound and smell we are seeking to experiment with how to create a poetic game that listens to and grows from the participants – ultimately allowing a group of 30 people move through the space as both individuals and part of a whole, like a flock of birds.


Concept: Sarah John (AUS) and Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen (DK)

Facilitator from Laboratoriet: Kathrine Lund