Contact Improvisation and Self-Observation


An exploration of how contact improvisation mirrors the way we relate to each other, and what bodies communicate.

"It has always been very obvious for me that the 'form’ of contact improvisation enables a very honest and spontaneous expression of people’s personal and relational tendencies and desires.
We want to gather information about how contact improvisation naturally mirrors our personalities, and we aim to further this awareness into discovering how much of this is influenced by social and political factors. In a sense, one can imagine a contact jam as a microcosmos of social life; where we meet, share a moment of togetherness, search for understanding, and then leave again.

This observation first occurred to me as I was teaching in the Palestinian Circus School. There it was obvious that the condition in which Palestinian people live was written in their bodies, and that the religious, political and social conflicts were reflected in the way they engage in physical contact. This was what originally made me want to use the tool of contact improvisation and body work, in order to explore the consciousness of the body, develop trust, explore intention and impulses, develop non-verbal communication and a supporting and uplifting dialogue through movement." Ana Jordao.

In the experiment, Ana and Xiri holds a series of workshops with Kimpro Aarhus and explores the work and its effects through group debates and interviews with the Kimpro members.

Concept: Ana Jordao (PT) and Xiri Tara Noir (DK)

Facilitator from Laboratoriet: Barbara Simonsen