Experiment 2: Fact, Fiction and Text

Initiated by the young theatre company Teater Polen, who premiered with their first show, the monologue “Sleeps Well at Night” at the theatre Plan B (Copenhagen) in 2004. Among others, Theatre Polen consists of actor and dramatist Troels Thorsen, dramaturg and director Anne Müller, and dramaturg Jacob Brønnum.

The experiment focuses on developing the manuscript of the performance “Little bits of Kiwi”, premiering at Bådteatret in February 2006. Troels Thorsen has written the manuscript and performs in the show along with Pil Egholm. Director is Anders Lundorph. Jacob Brønnum is dramaturg.

The Laboratory hosted a week of experimenting, where the manuscript was sent through a testing machine... Since the manuscript used different fiction layers and the group was interested in using methods to fracture fiction, the experiment revolved around these issues. The dramaturgy and story of the play was also taken through a development and counseling session.

Troels Thorsen was able to work in a sort of intermediary space between writing and rehearsing, in which he has been able to function as playwright and actor at the same time. The Laboratory’s facilitator and dramaturg was Barbara Simonsen.