Experiment 3: Political Drama in a European Perspective


The purpose of the experiment was to examine and compare the political theatre of France, Germany and Denmark.

Focus was directed at political theatre initiated by an auteur; being either a director who writes dramatic texts, or a dramatist who stages his own texts.

A secondary goal of the experiment was to create the possibility for politically committed stage artist to exchange ideas, and to invite a selection of Danish performing artists for a discussion of political theatre and to make them aware of, and allow them to benefit from, the work of the Laboratory.



To examine the differences and similarities of the way in which these three countries produce political theatre. To examine methods of text production where the author is up close with the practical work of theatre; in as much as he (she) does so himself (herself).

To qualify and inspire politically committed theatre in Denmark, based on the assumption that political theatre in France and Germany has different functions and aesthetics, and that exchanging ideas would be beneficial to all three parties.



A six day experiment. Three groups consisting of one auteur and three actors each work separately and simultaneously for five days. On day six the work is presented to all the participants and an invited audience of Danish performing artists. The presentation is followed by a wider discussion of contemporary political theatre