I Remember...


The senses are our means of perceiving the experiences that become our memories, and sensory information can trigger memories.  "We find that in listening to each other’s memories, we are constantly reshaping our understanding of the person, or our understanding of the story based on our previous knowledge of that person."

One could say that we all constitute a living archive to which life experiences are constantly added and then accessed or extracted as memories, providing the narrative fibers of who we are. But as much as memories "make" us, sharing them is also an act of connecting us to one another. With the help of childhood memories, as well as sensory based experiences, the experiment 'I remember...' investigates memories as a basis for exchange between individuals.


Concept: Lise Aagaard Knudsen (DK) and Karen Eide Bøen (N)

Facilitator from Laboratoriet: Myriam Mazzoni