Når stedet får en anden lyd #1

By director Isabelle Reynaud and choreographer Kasper Daugaard:

"We racked our brains and the city to find a suitable space. Lots of spaces were nice and cosy and basically unproblematic. We decided to look for less 'happy' spaces - ugly, boring, dismal or haunted spaces - and try to find a way to provide them with a positive element. We were attracted by the idea of using existing objects in the work, mainly sound. A kind of readymades.

We ended up choosing Værkmestergade, Aarhus C. The street is a closed area behind the central station and Bruuns Galleri, running between the job centre and Beskæftigelsesforvaltningen, and it has a very city planned, futuristic look. Sim City in real life.

The sound of the space was then developed from an analysis of the space itself: What are the acoustics, the visuals and the architecture of the space? What objects and materials are dominating? Which role does the space have in the social life of the city, how do people move here, what do we read into them? How is the space perceived, and what meetings are possible here? What is the memory of the space, which stories are connected with it? What socio-political references, what kind of culture-nature relationship, what conflicts are there, hidden or obvious?

We decided that what this place needed was a jungle soundscape...."