ZOOM Collage

UTOPIA 3: Zoom

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Main questions of the experiment:

"Is it possible to adapt cinematographic tools to the theatre? Is it possible to zoom in on an actor or a prop on stage?"


For the research project Rehearsal Matters, Laboratoriet interviewed 37 performing artists about their work methods and visions for their creative process. The interviews form a digital knowledge bank at www.rehearsalmatters.org. From the interviews we discovered a kind of “unrequited love” between theatre and film. Several of the theatre artists were fascinated by film as an art form and expressed a desire to use cinematographic effects on stage. This desire sparked the idea of the ZOOM experiment.


The experiment took its starting point in the staging of text excerpts from the screenplay Hiroshima, My Love by Marguerite Duras, played by Bodil Lassen, and improvisations of scenes from the post-apocalyptic short story Mørkeland by Lars Kramhøft. We combined our expertise to zoom in on relevant locations, moments, body parts etc. in order to learn when, how and what we wanted to zoom and why. Both the cartoonist Lars Kramhøft and the cinematographer Erik Zappon documented the entire process.


Lars Kramhøft, cartoonist
Erik Zappon, cinematographer
Isabelle Reynaud, stage director
www.isabellereynaud.com, and project manager at Laboratoriet
Peer Mariboe and Jeppe Nissen, lighting design and technique (www.bora-bora.dk)
Bodil Lassen, actress

ZOOM Time: May 14-17, 2013, Venue: BoraBora – dance and visual theatre