The RAPP 2015 Experiments

This time around, we received a stunning 52 applications from about 20 different countries for RAPP 2015. We are very grateful for all your fascinating, original and crazy ideas, and we sincerely wish that we could have selected more than 3 experiments.

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Time for experiment ideas

- for RAPP 2015, the second round of our annual Research in Artistic Practice Programme.

What do we need to find out about performing arts this time? It's your call.

International call for experiment proposals

RAPP is LABORATORIET's experiment programme open to all performing arts professionals. The purpose of RAPP is to produce new knowledge about artistic processes and work methods through practical experiments.

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And another video! Actually 3 -

The video from the RAPP 2014 experiment 'The Whistle' consists of 3 parts:


Chapter 1 - Creating the Game

Chapter 2 - Who is cheating?

Chapter 3 - Discoveries and surprises


Find them under the experiment entry, or just click HERE (part 1), HERE (part 2) and HERE (part 3).

Watch at your own risk - you'll never get that tune out of your head again...

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- from the RAPP 2014 experiment 'Cimatica  - a Study of the Relation between Sound and Matter'.

It's cool! You can find it under the experiment entry (click on the video icon), or you can just click HERE.

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At the RAPP 2014 Conference at Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, on Friday March 28, we presented the artists and experiments of the first round of RAPP - the Research in Artistic Practice Programme - and experimenting artistis and projects from Odin Teatret, Forsøgsstationen, Aalborg Teater and Aarhus Teater.

Thank you, everyone who joined us for this feast of new developments and explorations into performing arts!

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RAPP 2014 #1 - getting started

For a first glimpse of the work - PRESS HERE

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Deltag i et eksperiment -

Alt hvad du skal gøre er at blinke!

I forbindelse med en række internationale teatereksperimenter, RAPP 2014 (Research in Artistic Practice Programme), som finder sted i Aarhus i perioden 21.-27. marts, søger Laboratoriet prøvepublikummer.

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Come join us at: the RAPP 2014 Conference Friday, March 28 - at Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, Aarhus

The conference presents experimenting artists and projects from all over Denmark, gathering artists, scholars, and students for debate and sharing of knowledge on performing arts methods and process.

Ticket:  kr. 75    buy here 

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The RAPP 2014 experiments

Meet this year's artists and their experiments.

43 experiment proposals by artists from more than 13 different countries were submitted for RAPP 2014, Laboratoriet's newly launched Research in Artistic Practice Programme. This year's 3 selected experiments are conducted at Godsbanen in Aarhus, March 21-27, ending with a presentation at the RAPP 2014 Conference, March 28. 


The 3 selected experiments for RAPP 2014:

Lifero Bestiariophoto: Lifero Bestiario

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Indflytningshygge onsdag d. 27. nov. kl. 14-16

 LABORATORIET byder velkommen i vores nye kontor med åbne vidensbanker og lidt til ganen. Du finder os i Mellemrummet på Godsbanen.

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