Experiment 1: Musical Improvisation and Text


  • An experiment concerning the relationship between musical improvisation and writing of dramatic texts. 
  • An investigation of various methods for writing based on musical improvisation. 
  • Creating a space where musicians and dramatists improvise together in an attempt to approach two kinds of listening and speaking: music and dramatic text.


  • To find out if the physical closeness of the writing process to the musical creation process can result in new forms or qualities of writing - e.g. a more musical language, or new types of characters etc. 
  • To find out if the writing of a particular dramatist will be fundamentally different when influenced directly by the musical improvisations - and how. 
  • To test the various improvisation methods and their results in the perspective of starting to outline creative rehearsal processes for specific performances.


  • Time schedule: 5 days’ workshop. 
  • Participants: 3 writers, 4 musicians (members of a stomp group), 2 voice performers (trained in the Roy Hart method), 1 dramaturg, 1 director (leader of the experiment).

On the one hand, the work focuses on a kind of musicalization and rythmification of words and text, e.g. through improvisational writing where the writers write while listening and watching the musicians/performers improvising - as directly as possible, without reflecting or analysing. A kind of double improvisation where the musicians know nothing about the work of the dramatists, and where each writer is writing completely in his or her own universe of associations.

And on the other hand, the work focuses on a kind of verbalization and textualization of the musical improvisations and the musical ”actors” - turning them into characters, theme, space, dramatic conflict. This type of work takes the form of group work with one writer and a couple of musicians/performers, developing together an idea of the writer sparked by the musical improvisations.

Participants in Experiment 1:
Director: Barbara Simonsen (experiment leader)
Dramaturg: Christian Horup
Writers: Julie Maj Jakobsen, Anne Grethe Linnet, Michael Monberg
Musicians: Jeppe Bai Andersen, Marianne Lewandowski, Troels Vestergaard, Johannes Smed
Voice performers: Louise Thrane, Mathilde Vendelbo Andersen
Video documentation: Christian Horup, Eva Mikkelsen