UTOPIA 1: All the People in my City

An experiment that tries to include a whole city in the amazing theatrical 'now', and tries to turn the entire population of a city into one group, one audience, for a few minutes. It's impossible, but maybe - in art - it can be done...

The city of Aarhus is the stage. And the life that unfolds on this stage, is the staging. The experiment tries out a concept, an intervention that disturbs or complements the staging Aarhus C. Something in the life of the city is changed that afterwards has consequences for the perception of the city. How can we make all the citizens share a common moment?

Behind the impossible experiment was an international artistic board:
Director Jean-Francois Peyret (F).
Architect and stage designer Lisa Marrani, Teatro de los Sentidos (E).
Actor and dancer David Fischer (D).
From Laboratoriet director Isabelle Reynaud
and dramaturg/performance artist Deborah Vlaeymans.

The result of the experiment was the project AarhusAnsigtet (The Face of Aarhus) that collected photographs of the citizens of Aarhus and morphed them digitally into one face - the city's.